Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ken Bone

Did you see the guy in the red sweater at the 2nd Presidential Garbage the other night?

At least he was entertaining!

And his name was Ken Bone... perfect is that?

First off, you have to give Bone a lot of credit for sitting through that. I honestly could only watch about 5 minutes.

It was actually the most uncomfortable thing I've ever seen on television and my beautiful wife likes to watch those medical shows that give you an ongoing surgery.

The debate was worse than watching a live bowel surgery!

Trump was waking around like he was the bad dude in a WWE match...he was staring at her, interrupting and lying to justify.

Clinton was speaking in that shrill voice, smiling uncontrollably and lying to justify.

70-year old people were having a discussion about who is sexually less moral...

...and then we got Ken Bone!!!

It's hard to fathom what this "race" has been...

...but Ken Bone will be famous for a little while.

He was wearing the big red sweater because he tore his pants earlier in the day.

His face is cartoonish.

His name is great.

And Ken Bone will make the rounds.

One of the Red Sux pitchers left him tickets for game 3 of the playoffs.

(Lucky it wasn't game 4, am I right Suck Sux fans?)

(Bye-bye Big Papi...out with a whimper!)

The lesson here is that guys like Ken Bone is what is cool about America. There has been a whole lot of hammering away at groups of people during this presidential race (which has been epically embarrassing) but the individual American...

...taken one by one... pretty cool.

We're a diverse group of people.

We split our pants.

We weigh a little much.

We try and laugh and live and make money.

We all just want to have a little fun, make a little money, get our kids educated, watch some sports, drink some beer and live in peace.

In all our glory.

Ken Bone was a cool story out of a bad gathering of so-called leaders.

He is a reminder of our individuality!

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