Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall is in the Air

Opened my eyes on Saturday morning. It was past 7 a.m.

I rarely sleep in so late.

There was a light rain and the cool air was blowing into the room. Melky lifted her square head as if to see if I was still breathing. Sleeping past 7???

The date was the first thing that registered.

October 1.

My nephew Tony's birthday!

17 days until I turn 52 years old.

Time just flies by and I thought of all the past October days that were crushing because I was worried about the Yankees.

No playoffs this year, but they did okay. Changing of the guard. I can live with it.

I wore a light jacket on Friday morning. The first jacket of the year.

"7 months of crap, now," one of the guys on the site said.

For many of us, fall is one of the better times of the year. The crispness in the air. The ability to slow down a little.

I actually laid there for a few minutes...

...taking stock.

3 months left in the year.

Rest, baseball playoffs, cool air, birthday.

"You ready, Melk?" I asked.

Her head was at the window. Her nose was twitching.

If she could talk she might've said it to me.

"Fall is in the air, dude."

Hope the snow is about 5 months off.

Doubt it!

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