Monday, October 24, 2016

Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians?

The World Series matchup is set. 

Will the Cubbies win and break the 108-year skid?

Or will the Indians get that 68-year monkey off their back?

The photo above is a shot of Bob Newhart, a Chicago fan, celebrating with his grandkids.

Newhart has been a fan for all of his life and I doubt if he can remember when the Cubs last made the series in 1945. His grandkids have no idea what the big deal is all about, right?

But that's what is cool.

I told a little story about Grandpa Fuzzy laying down the law to me back in 1974. I loved Henry Aaron and that Atlanta Braves team - Evans, Aaron, Baker, Garr, Davy Johnson.

They hit a lot of homers...Hammerin' Hank was the king (still is).

"We're Yankees fans," Grandpa if he were telling me that we were Christians...carried a whole lot of meaning.

Been a Yankees fan since.

And I have been blessed with a bunch of titles.

Yet there are long-suffering fans all around me.

Indians fans, Bills fans, some Cubs fans, Sabres fans.

Everyone has suffered for too long!

"If the Indians don't win at least they won the American League Championship," Jake said.

I decided to let Jake in on why people hate Yankees fans.

"When the Yankees lost in the series a few times, I never even acknowledged that the season was good. If they didn't win the Series I didn't even break out those stupid ALCS shirts."

Yes...both the Cubs and Indians have a lot to be proud of as the series gets under way.

But one of them will lose...

...and the streak will continue.

One fan base will continue to suffer!

And as a devoted Yankees fan...

...that brings me joy for some reason!

It should be a fun series.

I have predicted everything wrong all the way through.

But here you go...

...Cubs in 6.


The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series.

But just to show you what a mess I am when the Yankees aren't involved.

I'm rooting for Cleveland.

The Tribe 2016

Oh yea!

P.S. : I've always loved Bob Newhart.

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