Monday, October 31, 2016

Gotta' Do It

I'm not sure that I will surprise anyone with this post, but there are just 8 days until the presidential election and since I'm honest, to a fault, with this blog...

...I need to say what I feel.'s the worst choice ever.

It truly is. It's an election that could result with the president-elect facing criminal charges somewhere down the line...either way.

In the end it's all about what you want to believe, I suppose and this is what I believe.

1). Donald Trump is not qualified to be the president. He is completely unprepared to handle the job as a leader, as a human being, or as a man who understands the laws of the land. When he was informed that he was insulting a gold star family he had to ask what made someone a gold star.

I heard someone mention that if you were to need a root canal you wouldn't go to a person who claimed that he thinks he can do it, you'd go to someone who knew HOW to do it.

Trump has no idea what the job entails.

2). I am also of the opinion that Trump is not a brilliant businessman as so many who tout his candidacy believe him to be.

The bankruptcies, the inheritance, the skirting taxes, the connection to Russia, the fact that his products are Made in China, his use of illegal immigrants as cheap labor, his horrible treatment of workers...

...all speak to his reputation as a con-man.

Now, I'm not the one saying that.

Other rich men say it. I listened to 3 CEO's (Home Depot, an Oil Tycoon, and Warren Buffet) and they spoke of paying taxes, giving to charity, trying to take care of their employees. To a man they despised what Trump had said about not paying taxes.

"That doesn't make him smart," one man said. "It makes him despicable."

3). Not all men believe that women are simply there for a man's amusement. Trump does. He always has. I've listened to his shit for years. Now to be honest, some of his garbage was done on shows that were meant to entertain, but even when next to Howard Stern he was cringe-worthy. What he said on that bus wasn't locker room was a 59-year-old man acting like a 12-year-old boy to try and impress the guy he was talking to. It wasn't funny. It was creepy, and how he spoke to any number of people was also horrific. Calling people a fat pig. Arguing with female reporters. Juvenile behavior. Unworthy of the office.

4). His America First talk is a lot of what some want to hear and to be perfectly honest, I feel that America would be better off not being the protector of all. We have people who suffer here and we need to take care of them, but giving tax breaks to the rich won't help them. Yet what is dangerous are the threats that Trump has thrown out to "go it alone."

America has a role in the world. We can't simply default on loans, back out of treaties, attack the families of potential terrorists, or, of course, nuke who we want to nuke. Not to mention the ties to Russia or the money that he may or may not owe to China.

Scary stuff.

5). Crooked. We've heard a lot about Clinton as a crooked human and while the money made by any and all politicians is more than disconcerting, I might argue that Trump may be the most crooked human being ever. I am concerned by what I've read about his career from day one. Bad deals. The worst deals. Not caring who or what he leaves in his wake. If he is elected president I am truly concerned that he may spend the last couple of years of his term in a prison.

6). His temperament. At 3 am he is on Twitter fighting with a former Miss America contestant because he believed that she deserved his scorn because she gained weight and embarrassed the pageant. Seriously? He is not secure enough to not get caught up in something so trivial?

7). The disabled reporter. That's where it ended for me. He mocked a disabled man. There are people claiming that he wasn't really mocking the guy, but he knew the man. He was trying to be funny. There was the flap with John McCain too, the Gold Star fight, the Megyn Kelly argument, the rigged talk and on and on.

So, I will vote for Clinton.

Not without misgivings, mind you. Her shrill voice. Her poor, reckless, above-the-law attitude. Her Wall Street connections.

I hate it.

But she knows how to do the root canal.

She is qualified, like it or not.

Will she be the best president ever?

Probably not.

But Trump?

I'm afraid that if he wins...

...he'll be the LAST president.

I honestly feel that is entirely possible.


Brian Krull said...

I wouldn't disagree that most of us don't like Trump, even those of us voting for him. But to focus only on his character issues is revealing an overly partisan perspective. As secretary of state, Clinton put America at risk by mishandling classified emails, and we all know why (it was not just a careless, reckless mistake). She let our soldiers die in Benghazi rather than send help (which would have gotten there in time) & then lied about what caused the uprising.
Yet you say she 'knows how to do a root canal.' I think I would yank the tooth out with pliers before trusting a dentist with those qualifications.
My point is, just day your a Democrat and only support democrats rather than try to make it sound like she is somehow qualified and not the most corrupt candidate ever to seek the office.

Cliff Fazzolari said...

There you go...your objections are noted. Doesn't speak whatsoever to Trump being wholly unqualified to do the job. Which he is.

Brian Krull said...

What qualifications are required? Does being an ethically challenged lawyer qualify one? First lady? A do nothing Senator (we are still waiting on those 200k jobs). Being a corrupt secretary of state who sold state department access for Clinton foundation donations? Lying about Benghazi?
Yes, Trump may be a jerk. No, I don't like everything he says. But for all the things he has been accused of, I have yet to hear of him leaving US soldiers to die and then lying about it. He hasn't exposed classified info on an unsecured server.
Is he the ideal candidate, of course not. But given Hillary's track record he is the better candidate.

Cliff Fazzolari said...

He's better? Based on his apprentice work? I'm interested in hearing his qualifications, without mentioning the perceived mistakes she made during 30 years of service. His vast knowledge of foreign affairs? The years he spent fighting for human rights? His family values? What are his stand-alone qualifications?

Change my mind on why he's a great choice...without mentioning her.

You simply can't do that.

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