Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baseball Playoffs!

The 27-Time World Champion Greatest Franchise in the History of Organized American Sports, the New York Yankees, didn't make the playoffs this year.

But that hasn't stopped me from watching.

And the other night when the Indians were clinging to a one-run lead and there were two outs and the Red Sux got a runner on...

...I was texting Sam.

"This is intense!" He wrote.

The next batter walked.

The place was rocking.

"How is football better than this?" I wrote back.

It's our running argument, but I defy anyone to tell me that there is anything more intense than the late innings of a playoff baseball game.

The Cubbies came back late to beat the Giants and win the series.

The ALCS is going to be great:

Indians versus Blue Jays

I hate the Toronto team so I will be rooting hard.

As for the National League?

I'm looking for the Cubs to NOT win!

"It's been 108 years!" Sam said. "Why don't you want them to win?"

"Because I like a good losing streak," I said. "If they lose this year they still have all the stories written about them:

Bartman...the goat.

The story continues!!

Then again, I have one huge reason not to see the Tribe win it all:


My brother-in-law is rabid.

Not a rabid fan, mind you, just rabid!

I call him Mr.Zero because he's never seen one of his teams win anything.

I like that nickname.

So, I'm going for the winner of the Dodgers-Nationals series.

Even though I don't like either of those teams!!

Damn! I miss the Yankees in there...

...but I'll be watching...

...because it's an amazing sport!

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