Monday, October 10, 2016

Watch What You Say!

The Trump tape is a little scary, right?

The people justifying the remarks have started one of the arguments by saying:

"Who hasn't said a horrible thing in their life?"

"Men talk like that all the time!"

There's a tad of truth to some of that, right?

We have all made stupid comments that are meant to be funny, or condescending, or immature, or whatever.

I suppose that's true.

But that's not exactly what that was.

(Splitting hairs, right? But his remarks were predatory).'s not about that garbage anyways.

It's about the total lack of any sort of privacy anywhere...ever.

The fundamental question isn't about if he should or shouldn't have said it, but the audio was crystal clear on a conversation that Trump and Billy Bush never had any idea would ever be out there.

Big brother isn't only watching...he's listening too.

Being alone isn't possible anymore.

As the words of the tape hit my ear I thought about the "locker room banter" that I've been party to over the years.

Certainly I've heard all sorts of degrading things about all sorts of men and women. I have a few buddies who make me laugh (and vice-versa) with all kinds of things that would sound horrible on CNN.

(Again...wasn't about that).

And my life has certainly changed in regard to my love of and appreciation of the women in my life.

The respect that I've had for the women in my life is almost too much to quantify. I once had a woman at one of my book signings say:

"All the women in all of your books are strong, smart and absolutely admired."

"You write what you know," I said.

When you put the locker room crap aside...the respect stays. A 59-year-old man speaking in such a manner is damaged.

But again...

...should his crass words have been out there?

Bottom line...'s the world we live in.

So, the next time you're being an idiot for fun & games...consider where you're standing...

...people are listening.

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