Saturday, October 8, 2016

That Should Do it


I was on a plane when I received a text from a buddy:

"See the Trump news today?"

I hadn't.

I was listening to baseball as I drove from site to site. I was reading and writing in the airport gate area.

I had burned out on the daily stupidity a long time ago.

"He was caught on tape saying horrible things about women."

I still wasn't alarmed. Hadn't we been through that before?

"He can't be hurt by anything he says or does," I said.

"This one's a doozy."

And yet I didn't rush right to Twitter. Instead I waited until I was on Jet Blue. I flipped the channel to CNN.

They were playing the tape. They only beeped the two worst words.

I was thoroughly disgusted.

Locker room banter?

He was a 59-year old man!

Sounded like a 14-year old boy!!

And yet...

...I flipped the channel.

There was a woman supporting him!

Saying that "boys will be boys" sort of.

"That's horrible," I texted my buddy.

"Despicable," he answered.

I stopped short of saying deplorable.

But I'm disgusted.

If you can somehow cast a vote for him...

...God help you.

Don't preach Christianity to me...

...that's for sure.

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