Friday, October 7, 2016


We like to watch series after series on Netflix.

We recently needed a new one and this was the conversation we had:

My beautiful wife: "Now what?"

Me: "You're in charge of entertaining me."

My beautiful wife: "I've grown weary of that."

I was looking down at my phone as she clicked through the choices. My head snapped up quickly when I heard the music:

"Got yourself a gun."

The Sopranos!!!

Ultimate entertainment!

We watched 3 straight episodes that night.

A few more the next night.

"Look at how great of an actor he was," I said at one point.

I laughed at the Italian phrases. We marveled at the manipulation of his mother, the conflicted angst of his wife.

Meadow. Silvio. Paulie. Anthony Jr., Big Pussy, Melfi


We watched the shows right up until bed and then I saw Gandolfini in my dreams.

I can't watch the show without appreciating everything about my Italian heritage. There's a lot of Dad in there, a lot of Grandpa Fuzzy...

...some of my brothers.

We laughed.

"I've seen it all and yet I'm hanging on every word," I said.

"It's great," Kathy said.

Looks like the entertainment of Cliff will continue...

...despite the weariness.

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