Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sometimes You're the Bug

The seats are small on Delta Airlines.

I'm not small.

I'm also beginning to understand that there are people who are a lot bigger than me...

It's the luck of the draw!

I wasn't lucky on Monday.

And it makes you think of the song about sometimes being the windshield and sometimes being the bug.

Let's go through my day.

I took my seat, big guy, really big guy is coming down the aisle (not here, I'm thinking). "Excuse me, I have that one," he says.

I couldn't read on the trip because I didn't have enough room to hold up the book. So I put my headphones on. They didn't work!

I sat like a statue and made it to Atlanta. My gate was close to where we landed! I got a water, opened my book, (a half hour to relax). I glanced up at the screen: "Minneapolis" said the sign.

"Isn't this the Kansas City gate?" I asked.

"That gate has been changed to C32."

I was at A3.

I made the 5 mile walk. Boarded the plane, tight seat, an even bigger human came down the aisle.

"Not here," I thought.

"Excuse me," she said.


"It's only an hour and a half," I told myself.

She proceeded to break wind...at least 7 times on the way to KC...I couldn't prove it was her...but trust me.

I rented the car.

5 miles into my trip to the first site I noticed that there was a little triangle flashing:

"Low air pressure."

2 minutes later I was on the side of the road with a Missouri cop, waiting on AAA.

16 hours after waking up in Buffalo...

...4 states later...

I pulled into the hotel in Ankeny, Iowa.

I gave her my credit card.

"It says you have to call," she said.

I talked to the robot and then the credit card woman:

"We just wanted to be sure it was you, for security purposes," she said. "We're looking out for you. Losing your card would make for a bad day."

"Lady, you have no idea," I said.

Back home tonight!

Please pray for me.

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