Saturday, October 15, 2016

Crazy Ass Week

It's wild what a mess things can be in a 7-day span.

A week ago I returned from a trip to New England that saw me visit Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Last weekend went good. I made braciole on Sunday, watched a little of that lousy debate and got ready to roll.

Then delayed flights, a flat tire on a rental car and my cell phone officially shit the bed once and for all as my headphone jack broke off in the port and I could only talk on speaker. I had a cracked face and had to put a button on the face so I could get back to the home screen.

Yet I was in Kansas, Georgia, Minneapolis, Missouri and Iowa... I couldn't get it fixed because I don't know how to set it up! I would have to nurse it through.

Return flight wasn't bad but I got in my beautiful wife's car at the airport curb.

"Why didn't you bring my car?" I asked.

"The battery is dead, I think and the oil light was coming on."

I didn't handle that news well, because I had an early morning meeting on Wednesday.

Day 3 of horrible sleep...still nursing the bum phone! $250 to get the car fixed!

But Syracuse and back on Thursday!

Yet the new phone was ordered.

Another long day on Friday.

Angst, aggravation, chaos, phone calls through the speaker, texts, buzzes, emails, numb, sore, pain and then mercifully we reached the end of the day on Friday.

10 states visited, 84 hours of work-related activities, a broken-down car, a busted phone, a woman on one flight with horrible gas, horrific presidential garbage, baseball games running late, Eichel gets hurt!

"Where's the UPS guy with my phone?"

He showed up at 5:00 on the nose and told my wife to tell me:

"The Yankees suck!"

I knew the guy!!

I handed over the broken phone.

An hour or so later Kathy handed me the new phone all ready to go.

It's all back together now. I kept looking for the broken crap.

It was almost as if I missed it, but now, everything  is forgotten now as I sit back and type this blog.

I made it!!!

(Happy Birthday to my buddy, Jeffy Renaldo! Love you, buddy! Thought you'd like to hear me piss and moan for your big day!)

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