Sunday, October 9, 2016


When this is all over...

...and I'm fairly sure it will be all said and done in November...

...the Trump era will be a fascinating campaign to digest.

Will there be a lasting effect?

I don't much care for politics on social media. There is no changing of the mind. No one is really listening to the other person.

Minds are made up. All the angst does it torture people who used to be friends.

But it's a disservice to NOT talk about what the hell is going on.

People who don't believe in abhorant behavior are in the awkward position of defending that behavior.

People who believe that Bill Clinton's time in office was a national embarrassment are now DEFENDING their candidate by saying that Clinton did it.

So, it was okay then?

Or it's okay now?

The other amazing thing is how low the bar has now been set. How will future elections be handled? Will outrage over inhaling pot be a news story ever again?

Appears that nothing is off the table now.

I'm also concerned about who runs next.

It can be anyone now, right?


Former felons?


The office is forever tarnished. When I was a kid there was a simple respect afforded to the leaders. Perhaps some of that was misguided, but we didn't know. We considered the president to be above our level of intelligence.

There was some security.

Certainly there has been a shift. Not all of it can be blamed on these two candidates. There had been a hill that we were sliding down.

Obama took unbelievable amounts of grief.

Remember when someone threw a shoe at George W. and there was anger because no matter what, the office of the presidency must be respected?

That's out the window.

In January, the job will have gotten much tougher.

There's no way that there is not a great divide.

My 19-year old son walked by the other day. I was curious.

"What do you think of what Trump said?"

"Don't think about it," he said. "He's garbage."

Let's just hope...

...for the good of the country...

...that somehow there is, someday, an ounce of respect again.

It's fascinating, isn't it?

It's also horrifically sad.

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