Saturday, October 1, 2016

Putting On Weight?

Saw a guy I hadn't seen in some time.

"You're looking good," he said. "Little bigger than you used to be."

I gave him a two word answer. The second word was 'You'.

The first word wasn't 'Thank.'

Hardly know the guy...

He laughed, but I wondered:

"What makes people say such things to others?"

I thought of it a little longer when I once again was horrified by something one of the political candidates said about a beauty queen.

Miss Piggy???

I bust people's chops from time to time. My buddies and me go back and forth constantly.

Nothing is off-limits and it is something I'd never take personally...

...but malicious intent is malicious intent and when it's someone that you hardly know?

That doesn't feel right.

A few months back I was listening to one of the morning radio shows. They had audio of an older, male newscaster who was bantering with a young, female weather person.

That usual garbage banter back and forth, but the weather lady struck a nerve as she teased the old guy:

"Just because you can't get a date on a Saturday night," she teased, with a laugh.

"I can't get a date?" The old dog asked. "I can't get a date?"

 His face was turning red and he was slamming his papers on the desk. All in the matter of seconds.

"Well, just cause you're the town whore, doesn't mean you can make fun of me."

I laughed.

Found it at home online and watched it a few more times. The guy ended up getting fired!

I think the woman kind of asked for it.

Now, I'm sure there's more to the story. It obviously wasn't just good-natured banter.

Yet I've always wondered about people who say vile, mean, angry things to folks they hardly know.

Calling people fat?

Bashing someone for not being able to get a date?

Listen...we've all done it at one time or another and felt bad for it, hopefully!

Someone who does it over and over though is doing it to make themselves feel better. It's all about insecurity.

Exactly what we're looking for in a leader, right?

I would've answered him if I'd been that former beauty queen.

"That hurts coming from a fat, Orange dude."

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