Thursday, October 27, 2016

NFL Sucks Again!!!

So Josh Brown is looking for a job.

Only because the New York Giants finally cut him.

But the Giants aren't off the hook either.

Their owner went on and on about how there would be zero tolerance for any sort of domestic violence issues.

The NFL ran a whole bunch of public service announcements showing women who were victims of domestic abuse.

NO MORE! The League Cried Out!!!

And we all remember why, right?

Because Ray Rice knocked his wife out in an elevator.

The NFL heard about it and suspended him for a couple of games.

Then we saw the video.

Ray Rice hasn't been allowed back in the league. He was suspended for a year, went on a world-wide apology tour, prompted the NFL's get tough response, and has been seemingly black-balled from participating.

So onto Josh Brown!

At the Pro Bowl he allegedly stalked his wife and children. He was drunk. His wife was afraid for her life and the lives of their children.

She was so afraid that she contacted league officials and asked to have her room this rabid animal couldn't find her!

Yeah! The league knew about it!

So did the Giants!

After the smoke cleared they issued their tough response:

The Giants signed him to a contract extension!

The NFL suspended him for 1 game!

One damn game!!! this day and age...nothing remains can't even brag about sexual assault anymore without getting busted by an open mic.

More Josh Brown information hit the airwaves.

The NFL looks putrid again! The Giants look stupid, to say the least.

I have a question:

The league spent millions of dollars and suspended the greatest quarterback of all-time in a 2-year investigation that ended with them having "maybe", "perhaps" "Might have happened" proof about:

Taking freaking air out of the ball!

But a cowering woman, with her children, makes the league change her room two times...after calling the officials on this madman 19 times!!! for taunting, abusing and threatening and perhaps striking her and they want to wait until all the information is available????

And they suspend him for one freaking game?????


Every week they give me a reason not to even want to see a minute of one of their stupid games.

Goodell is more worried about the falling ratings.

Okay, I'm done shouting...

...but damn...

what the hell does the NFL have against women?

Josh Brown admitted to physically, mentally and emotionally abusing his wife.

Someone will sign him.


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