Friday, October 21, 2016


Alec Baldwin has been doing a pretty good job of imitating Donald Trump on SNL.

He's going to have plenty of material after the 3rd debate.
First off, Trump invited Obama's half-brother and Sarah Palin... so hopefully Tina Fey will be there.

Secondly, he kept yelling out "WRONG!" while Clinton was talking.

Look, this has turned into a first-rate comedy show and it would most likely be hysterical if we weren't just days away from electing a president.

And after all this time I can say that I finally found some common ground with Donald.

I used to play my brother Jeff in video games.

Actually I was there for his amusement. He would simply annihilate me no matter what the game was.

"My controller is broke!"

"My seat sucks!"

"I can't see!!"

"You found a glitch!"

One excuse after another that would allow me to take a beating and leave with my head held high.

I wouldn't lose...

...I would get cheated out of it!

I can't wait for this to end, frankly.

Yet I must say that I'm wondering what world we will be living in on November 9th.

The same world, probably... with half the country acting nasty and mean and the other half acting mean and nasty.

Yet we need Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin to be front and center telling out "WRONG!"

One more thing I really want to end very soon:

The ass-kissers in the Trump campaign referring to him as 'Mr. Trump.'

Enough with the extreme show of respect...

...for the dude who respects no one.

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