Tuesday, October 25, 2016

There's Nothing to Eat

"There's Nothing To Eat!!!"

I really wish I had a dime for every time I've heard that through the years:

And we spend a fortune on food for these hooligans.

They just eat and eat and eat and eat.

Sam eats some sort of chicken each and every night...

...the chicken fingers, or chicken fries, or barbecued chicken is usually bathed in Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

Every night!

Usually within 2 hours of dinner.

You know what he eats immediately after dinner...

...for dessert?

A bowl of S'mores cereal!

What is also unbelievable is that there is usually a run to somewhere for something other than what we have here.


They eat a football field of pizza.


They turn up their noses at anything that isn't a porterhouse.


A cow would be nice...but I ain't milking it.

Which calls to mind my poor parents.

As much as my kids eat...

...they were not even close to what we ate as children.

Mom was talking about cooking 30 stuffed pork chops for us as we grew - for one setting!

We usually cooked 4-5 pounds of pasta on Sunday.

Four to Freaking Five Pounds!

A few weeks ago I was in the meat market. The same owner is in his spot behind the counter and he loves when me or my brothers stop by.

"You and Jim spend a lot of money in here," he told me on my last trip in. "But to be honest, you don't make a patch on your Dad's ass. The first time I checked him out here I thought he worked in a hotel restaurant. He told me that he was 'just feeding the family.'"

We both laughed.

"Thousands and thousands of dollars," Ed said. "He told me every time: My kids are pigs."

I know the feeling.

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