Thursday, April 20, 2017

What A Sad, Sad Life

The American tragedy that was Aaron Hernandez is nearly over.

All that is left is the pain of the destruction that he left in his wake.

Hernandez was a gifted athlete...

...the older I get...

...the more I realize that being a good athlete has zero to do with being a decent human being.

I first learned that when O.J. Simpson just destroyed the childhood adoration of all the Buffalo-born kids.

(But, hey, he's still in the ring of honor!)

Yet, Hernandez is truly a horrific story.

His big troubles began when his Dad died. Aaron was on his way to Florida to play football when he lost his father, and all sense.

At Florida there were troubles. His quarterback there, Tim Tebow (a true All-American boy) tried to help his disturbed teammate, but everyone knew that Aaron would have to find his way, or bad things would happen.

In New England, he found stardom. Robert Kraft, Hoodie, and Tom Brady (the 🐐) all tried a little guidance, but there was too much money, too much fame, and way too little sense.

Hernandez was angry at the world.

He had guns. He had drugs. He fancied himself a gangster of the Scarface variety.

He was convicted of murdering one man.

There were charges on two other deaths.

He beat those charges, but someday we may find out how many people he actually had a hand in killing.

He deserves zero sympathy.

But the tragedy of such a wasted life is not wasted on me.

God Gave him gifts...

...we are all granted gifts of varying degrees.

Aaron Hernandez received the gift and spat at it angrily...

...and he totally destroyed himself.

That all happened a few years back...

...yesterday he just made it official.


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