Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Message

My buddy Al DeCarlo sent me a message on Good Friday morning:

"Meet you at Holy Spirit Church where we can serve Mass, do stations of the cross and then go shoot hoops in the gym."

My mind shifted to those years...

...2nd grade through 6th grade.

We went to Mass every day during Holy Week. The stations of the cross was eternal as the priest blessed the gathering, raised the insence, and scolded the idiot altar boys who were screwing around the entire time.

Simpler times.

What a disaster the world seems to be from time to time when you see it through adult eyes. North Korea? Syria? Afghanistan?

Dropping the mother of all bombs, wondering about whether a nuke can make it here or not. Hearing that our leader doesn't want anything to do with the Pope...

...cause he doesn't like him.

I hate turmoil and chaos.

That might be what should be written on my tombstone:

"He just wanted everything to be in order."

Won't happen!!

Yet, I was listening to a straight-up atheist the other day. He was wondering why anyone would cling to the idea of a God in the sky in order to find comfort in their own lives.

"It's silly," the guy said. "But whatever."

All of it comes together in my mind on Easter...

...and I consider some of the miracles in my own life.

Minor miracles, really, all presented in the love in my life.

It's easy to get lost in despair and think:

"How can there be a God with so much hate?"

I don't quite look at it through the eyes of the atheist.

Maybe it was the nuns...perhaps my mind was shaped through those stations of the cross...

...because I see it as:

"How can there NOT be a God with so much love in the world?"

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the love in your life.

Disregard the despair.

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