Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Have A Solution

Hearing a lot of debate about the next Supreme Court Justice.

The GOP wouldn't even grant Garland a hearing because Obama was in the last year of his presidency..

...then, against all odds, Agent Orange was elected and he chose someone else.

Gorsuch, like Garland, seemed like a perfectly viable option...

...but the Dems won't vote for him because of the Garland thing, and because of that FBI thingy hanging over everyone's head.

So...blah, blah, blah....

More fighting.

Going nuclear (changing the rules) to get him through.

I have an idea.

Judge Judy!!!

We can all agree on her, right???

J.J. Will make sure that some of the stupid in-fighting stops.

Can't you just hear her telling Pelosi or Ryan to:

"Put on your listening ears!!"

Imagine what she'd do with Donny boy.

"You aren't going golfing again! Get your ass back in that chair and do some work!! And stop with the stupid tweeting or whatever it is. You're embarrassing yourself."


I like it.

Can I nominate JJ somehow?

No need for a hearing.

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