Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Baseball Preview!

Have you caught any of the spring training news?

You know what team has the best record?


The 27-Time World Champion Greatest Franchise in the History of Organized Sports.

I've been following along and it really feels a lot like 1995 when the kids came up. The Yankees won 4 World Series in 5 years and with any luck, could've won about eight in a row.

Well, the kids got old.

So, Cashman retooled without ever slipping below .500.

What do we have this year?

National League East:

This is a battle between the Mets and the Nationals. If the Mets pitching is great they will win, but pitchers are a fickle bunch. Matz is already hurt again.

I take the Nationals with the Mets getting a Wild Card.

National League Central:

The Cubs.

They won the world series, lost Chapman, but they are still good. I think they win about 95 and that's good enough for the title here.

National League West:

When the Yankees have the highest payroll that's all Yankees fans ever hear about. The Dodgers actually lead the league in dollars spent - by a lot. It should get them the West.I have Kershaw on my fantasy team this year...hope he wins 30!

I'm actually picking the Rockies to make the 2nd Wild Card. They can hit. They even added a hitter in Desmond. Pitch a little and they make it.

National League Champions:     The Nationals

American League West:

I still like the Texas Rangers here but the Mariners and Astros will push them hard. Ah, the hell with it. I finally forgive Cano. The Houston Astros. 

American League Central:

The Indians got to Game 7 of the World Series - hard to get back. I also think they got a few career years last year. I think they lose Miller during the course of the year - his elbow is a time-bomb. So. I'm going with the Tigers to win the division, but the Indians squeak the Wild Card.

American League East:

The Suck Sucks traded for Chris Sale. He's good. He's also 145 pounds and 6'2" - I don't know how he doesn't throw his arm out of the socket on every pitch. They also have David Price and he's already hurting and the Yankees cuff him around the yard every time.

I don't think it will automatically go to the Suck Sux, but on paper it should.

The Yankees, Jays and O's will battle as they do every year. All good teams. None of them are great again. Who do you think I'm leaning towards for the 2nd Wild Card?


The 27-Time World Champion New York Yankees will play the Indians in the Wild Card Game.

They'll beat them too.

American League Champions:

Detroit Tigers

World Series Champions:

Detroit Tigers

Their owner spent a couple of billion dollars to win a World Series before he died.

He died a couple of months ago.

Life is never fair.

Because now they're going to win it.

Just have a feeling.

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