Monday, April 10, 2017

Horror Movies

We caught a movie about a house that was haunted by the former tenant.

Seems the guy in the attic had murdered his entire family, but it was a pretty nice home so the family purchased it.

The daughter didn't want to move. Mom and Dad were all excited.

Then the fun began.

Little things were out of whack.

Then the guy down the street came up missing.

Daughter warned Dad.

Dad changed the locks:

"It'll be all right, you'll see."

I'm not much of a fan of the genre. The plot is usually the same. The deaths are particularly gory. The so-called adults in the movie make really bad choices.

"I know you saw a man in the attic," Dad says. "I believe you, but we can run off to a hotel room and be scared, or we can stay in our own home and live our lives."

You just know that Dad is dying in the next scene.

Eventually the bad guy will be in hot pursuit, and the damsel in distress will run, screaming. Then she'll fall down and nearly get captured.

It's at this point where I start rooting for the guy doing the chasing.

I just want the screaming to stop.

Of course, I'm sadly disappointed.

Somehow the screaming, confused, tiny little girl will somehow overpower the half-man, half-beast being.

Just one more thing to do.

The bad guy has to die good.

Stake through the heart, pitchfork in the eye. There has to be a big speech too.

"Burn in hell, Satan! That's for doing the anal probe on my mother and for tearing out my father's esophagus!! No one messes with our family."

But they're harmless films, I suppose.

There's something about wanting to be scared out of our minds.

Just don't forget to look under the bed.

Bad guys are real, after all.

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