Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blinded By Science

Saturday there was a march for science.

Weird, but when I was a kid my Mom made us watch the moon landing, and we spoke of scientists and astronauts as brilliant people who were doing things that were too heady for us regular folk to understand.

There were thoughts of trips to Mars, colonies on the moon and flying cars. We would soon figure out alternative energies, and be able to manage the pollution, and maintain the beauty of a planet that we were fortunate to inhabit.

Now, however, scientists are considered to be weirdos of sorts. Their spouting about climate control, their whining about pollution...



"Leave it alone!"

"It's all just theory!!"

I don't know when it became an argument between religion and science.

Evidently if you think Adam and Eve were alive in the Garden of Eden, you're dead set against the dopes who warn that polluting the world is not good.

I believe that I understand the problem a little.

No one believes that they're below anyone else anymore.

A guy like Einstein would be widely abused these days:

"Freaking nutbag cant even comb his hair and we all know that pie ain't got nuttin' to do with no maths!!"

That above sentence might actually be sent as a text or a tweet these days.

I thought of that when I followed an argument between one of my teachers (who actually has a doctorate in science) and one of his former students who may have eked out a 65 to pass Earth Science.

On line the failed student and the brilliant educator were on equal footing when debating evolution.

"It's called the theory of evolution! You don't believe in God!! That makes you dumb!!!"

Somehow I believe there is room for smart people.

But what the hell do I know?

I'm one of the dopey bastards... they say.

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