Sunday, April 30, 2017

Theeeeeeeee Yankeeeees Wiiiiinnn!!

I called out the Yankees in this space when they won just one of their first five.

They're 14 up and 3 down since.

And fun to watch!!

Feels like 1996.

Aaron Judge leads the league in homers.

Luis Severino strikes out 10 a game.

Little guy, Ronald Torreyes, seemingly gets a hit every time up.

Farewell tours for Yankees legends are done...

...time for the new guys!

So, of course, I have been absolutely obnoxious about it.

On Friday night they were losing 9-1 and the two buddies who the the Yankees were quick in the trigger.

"Yankees suck! They're getting killed!!"

I answered, of course, but I was kind of quiet about it...

...and then 9-1 and 11-4 turned into...

14-11 Theeeee Yankeeeees Wiiiiiiiin!!

"Hello, dummies," I texted back.

Dead silence all around.


This is fun!!

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