Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wanna' Bet?

So now we have the Las Vegas Raiders.

That should go well.

54 football players in Vegas for games every other Sunday.

What could go wrong?

They're all so well-behaved.

Yet, Roger Goodell (who maybe the 2nd most hated man in America) has reassured us all by saying:

"The NFL isn't for gambling."



I don't think anyone has ever bet on a football game, right?

And those fantasy football leagues don't have anything to do with betting.

Years and years ago my Dad infuriated me by always telling me that the NFL is fixed.

"How do they get within a half-a-point of the Vegas line every week?"

I thought Dad was crazy about such a vast conspiracy.

"A billion dollars changes hands every weekend, and you think that's all left for chance?"

I'm sure Dad was just pushing my buttons, but man, you get older, and you wonder.

The Ravens win on Ray Lewis' last day?

Wilson throws it at the one?

Falcons drop back to pass and then fumble when all they have to do is run?

Refs blow calls?

Kickers miss extra points?

Now, I'm still sure it's all on the up and up. How could they pull off something like that?

It's all just a conspiracy theory, right?

The problem is:

Now there will be even more questions... soon as the Raiders fail to cover all hell is gonna' break loose in Sin City.

In the meantime, Goodell should just get himself an office in Henderson, Nevada so he can hand out his one-game suspensions for beating women, and throw the book at the Hall-of-Famers who probably, maybe, might have heard something about a rumor of his ball boy maybe letting a little air out of the ball.

What could go wrong?

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