Monday, April 3, 2017

Just A Line In the News

In the middle of last week there was a press conference called to alert the citizens that a bad batch of heroin had resulted in seven deaths.

A bad batch.

As opposed to nice clean heroin.

Like clean coal, I guess.

Cut to Sunday and I flipped through the local section and there in the death notices were some of the names of those who died using the heroin.

Average age was 32.

Six men and one woman.

Just gone.

One of the obits noted that heroin was the cause.

It was the first line...

...before the fact that he was loved by many.

Brothers, sisters, Mom, Dad, nieces and nephews.

All cast aside due to the need to get the drug into their body.

It's a scary thing.

Politicians are jumping all over it now, telling us all about how it has to stop.

We've been fighting the war on drugs since the Reagan years.

It's not going well.

A bad batch.


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