Monday, April 17, 2017

Neat Stuff

Emma Moreno, of Italy, died recently. She was 117 years old and it's believed that she's the last person born in the 1800's to die. They're all gone now. That's what's weird when you think about it.

All new people.

I was reading the story of Rod Carew and his heart transplant. Carew was an unbelievable hitter during the years when I was growing up. He slapped singles all over the place. He also stole home 8 times in one year.

And as he aged his heart gave out.

Last year he received a new one from a 29-year old athlete, who suffered a fatal aneurism. Konrad Reuland was also a professional athlete having played tight end in the NFL. His death was horrific, but his family got to hear his heart beating again... Carew's chest.

And here is the really neat part:

Konrad had met Carew as a child and had been absolutely thrilled with the chance to meet such a big star.

Konrad's parents communicated it all to the grateful Carew. I hope that kid's heart beats for a long time now.

Another neat thing???

The Yankees have played good ball since I wrote the blog calling them out after their bad first week.

I'm not saying that it's all because of me, but they have a good mix.

It's an interesting team, to be sure.

So, I'm in good shape through the summer.

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