Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's April Already

Funny but it seems that whenever the calendar flips to a new month there will be someone there to say:

 "Damn! It's April already!"

The days seem to fly by the older you get, and the years follow. One after another.

Today is opening day!

The year 2017 has kinda' been moving slowly though. A scandal every day, way too much news!

Normally we don't think much about politics, or how the country is doing..

...knowing that it will move along, whether or not we pay much attention.

I have to admit that now I wake up on Saturday and Sunday wondering if something nasty broke over night.

Like a bad tweet...

...then the reaction to it.

Saturday morning it was all about the Russia scandal with Trump blaming Obama as the walls seemed to be closing in.

"Who knows?" I said to Melky.

She turned over, wagged her tail and went back to sleep.

"Yankees play today!" I reminded her.

That seemed to cheer her up a little...perhaps it was the excitement in my voice.

March Madness is behind us.

It's going to start to warm up.

A cold day now will be greeted with:

"I thought we were done with this garbage."

And before you know it...

...we'll be at the All-Star break.

Even though, for the first time, in a lot of years, the president wouldn't throw out the first pitch.

Buckle up.

Gonna' be a long, strange year.

Have a good week!

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