Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Heart Aches

The nuns did a number on me.

I remember setting one nun a-stutter by asking her:

"Is it still wrong if we kill people in a war?"

I have a great memory.

I remember that she couldn't answer me. She basically made me go sit down.

It's funny, but I was having a conversation with a very right-leaning guy earlier in the week. I directly asked him what he thought about denying refugees sanctuary.

"I don't care about any of those people! I don't want one of them entering MY country!!"

I made like that nun. I knew the conversation was over.

On Friday morning I listened to the reports of the bombing. The news anchors were praising the "beautiful" bombs, and the exacting precision of the strikes.

Made my heart ache.

Then heading over to Facebook and Twitter...

...where the celebrations of the bomb drops were reaching epic proportions.

Look...chemical weapons being used on women and children is horrific. That hurts me too.

Bombing in response?

Well, you can probably guess that I'm not one to cheer that either.

They'll tell us that it was necessary.

We can't spend billions in war weapons and not use some of them.

I even think we'll hear good things about the decisiveness of a man who two years ago was deciding between J.J. Walker and Gilbert Gottfried on a game show.

I changed the channel.

Found a clip of Don Rickles on Johnny Carson.

My aching heart was filled with laughter, for a second.

It's getting so I don't even recognize this country.

Like that nun...

...just stuttering now.

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