Saturday, April 29, 2017

Road Weary

Set foot in 9 states since Tuesday afternoon, and as per the joys of traveling there were moments.

Nearly grabbed a hotel desk clerk by the necktie and yanked him across the counter because we had discussed room billing three weeks previous and he evidently forgot. He just about received a bruising because he asked me what kind of car I was driving and then said:

"Or did we discuss that 3 weeks ago?"

I answered with:

"Even if we had you have zero recall ability anyway."

I asked him to give me my room key, and requested that he never speak to me again.

I think he's good with that.

There were 4 flights.

They told me how to latch my seatbelt on each one.

I was jammed into 2 seats, but had plenty of room on the other two flights.

Just for fun I also drove approximately 700 miles.

Why people in Boston live there is beyond me. They waste hours and hours of their lives driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

It's nuts!

Slept in 4 different beds.

The highlight of the trip:

The Yankees played the Red Sux.

(I toyed with the idea of going to the game, but see traffic note above. I was trapped in that for 3 solid hours, and that was just before meeting Mr. Happy behind the hotel desk).

So I watched on television.

Boston scored once.

Lost twice.

I entered the construction site in Concord, New Hampshire and greeted the superintendent there.

"I know by your Facebook that people in Buffalo grow tired of your mouth," he said. "It's nice that you pack it for your road trips."

Of course!

It goes with me everywhere!

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