Tuesday, April 11, 2017


A week ago Sunday was opening day.

Yankees laid an Easter egg.

No big deal. They haven't won on opening day in 6 years. Tanaka just had a bad day.

"They'll be all right. Bird and Sanchez are going to have big years."

And all seemed fine when they won the next day.

Last season they started real slow. 8-14. It cost them a shot at the playoffs. The win on day 3 went a long way towards calming my fears.

"The kids just gotta' hit," I explained.

Just 3 hits out of Bird, Judge and Sanchez in first 3 games.

"The bullpen is awesome!"

They lost game 4 as the bullpen blew a lead.

"Sanchez hit a bomb, though. He's ready to go on a tear."

But at 1-3 I was starting to hear garbage from the haters.

Bird and Judge were benched for Game 5.

The bullpen blew another lead and to make it all the more miserable, Sanchez got hurt...

...taking a swing.

He's out for at least a couple of weeks.

"How the Stankees doing?" I heard on Sunday morning.

"Going to be a long year!" Another dope tried.

I sent out photos of the past rings.

Talked about the greatest franchise in the history of organized American sports...

...but truthfully I was seething.

Uncle George Steinbrenner was fond of saying that he felt a great responsibility to Yankees fans.

"Our fans have better days when we win," he said.

That is actually true.

"The Yankees won," I will often chide (Hi Kim) my non-Yankees loving children.


Let's go!!

One win a week isn't going to cut it!

The stupid Mets and Orioles and Suck Sux fans are getting on my nerves already.

But all you haters, know one thing...

...even when they lose, I'm happy to just be watching baseball!

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