Friday, April 21, 2017

"I Went Without My Annual Bonus"

I was listening to a CEO from a banking company as he was interviewed on one of the news programs.

The bank had come into some trouble during his reign and 50 or so employees took a fall. The CEO being interviewed (let's call him Mr. Potter) was getting heat because those employees lost their job, but Mr. Potter came through it with a healthy raise...

...about two million per year to a annual salary of $12 million.

"Well, I did take on additional duties," Mr. Potter said. "I had a lot of extra pressure added to my day-to-day."

The interviewer spoke of the bail-out the bank had received and the poor common dopes who were called frauds and lost their jobs.

"A lot of people really suffered during your years at the helm," the interviewer said.

"But the annual bonus I normally received as a part of my package was denied me for two years," Mr. Potter said.

The whine in his voice made me ill.

"But you also received a two million raise in your salary," the interviewer pushed on.

"I had additional duties!" He said angrily.

The interviewer was actually very tenacious.

"Do you feel bad about the people who lost their jobs during that time?"

"I feel bad about a lot of it," Mr. Potter said. "The lost wages for those people and our lost bonuses. A lot of  people really suffered. Yet I'm the man that the board of directors chose to help us through it."

"And they gave you a considerable raise," the interviewer said.

"With added responsibility!" Mr. Potter yelled as he walked away.

Poor guy.

He had to struggle through on a meager $10 million per year...

...without a bonus!

Cat food all around!!

I honestly don't begrudge anyone the money they make. Yet the man was so irritating!

He couldn't understand why the interviewer was so perplexed by the raise in pay.

He had suffered!!!

There was a whole bunch of money stolen back when the regulations were eased.

The government bailed them out.

Everyone seems to be back on solid footing again!

Bonuses all around!!

And they are easing the regs again...

...what could possibly go wrong?

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