Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Paint the Garage

The weekend weather was nice enough for there to be a lot of activity around the neighborhood.

Everyone seemingly taking stock in what needs to be done to clean things up after a pretty mild winter.

Our lawn was a mess, first off.

"Where are the dogs?" My beautiful wife asked on Sunday morning.

"Out running in the meadow," I said.

And I thought about Sam trying to push now the yard in a couple of hours. He would get frustrated. He'd miss huge chunks of grass as he tried to rush through it.

"I'm going to mow it," I announced.

"Don't do it!" Kathy said. "It's going to ruin you for the week!"

"I'll take it slow."

And I did. Not that I had much choice. The mower was bogging down with the heavy, wet grass. Sam emerged as I was halfway through, earpiece in hand.

"I can finish," I said. "Clean the garage."

Sam carted out the patio furniture and cleaned up garbage. I finished the yard, all the way looking at the side of the garage that needs to be painted.

So much to do.


I thought about when we moved into this house and all the work we did to make it decent.

Crossroads now...

...work is here...

...can't do it all.

I headed in after an hour or so.

Ice on everything...

...Yankees left 8 runners on in a one run game!

"We have a lot of work around here," I said to anyone who'd listen.

They weren't really listening!

I need a handyman!

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