Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dragged Off A Flight

United Airlines is in a bit of trouble after their security agents literally yanked a guy from his seat to make room for their flight crew members.

The video has gone viral. The man was dragged down the aisle and left bloodied by the encounter.

My thoughts on this are colored by the flights I've been on through the last couple of years.

Flying around the country isn't for the weak.

My main problem with all of it is that no one is pleasant!!!

Are we all considered terrorists until we prove ourselves innocent?

"Take your shoes off! Are your pockets empty?"

All in monotone...all in that mean substitute teacher voice.

"Are your pockets empty?"

I hear for the 3rd time as I wait to pose in the X-ray machine.

I don't even answer after the 2nd time.

Last week I saw that my carry-on bag got pulled aside for inspection. It appears that when I carry my writing notebooks they have to look at them.

Right there the guy went through my bag. He took out the journal book.

"What's this?" He asked.

"A notebook."

"What is it for?" He asked.

"I write in it."

He looked at me as if I were about to be dragged into another room for the anal probe. Then he dug through my clothes and couldn't get the bag zipped because my hard hat has to be positioned properly.

"I'm a good packer, huh?" I said.

He just glared at me.


He was nice enough to let me put my hard hat back.

What's worse is when the delays happen.

Also last week, we waited an hour and a half because the captain couldn't fly again because he needed to be off for 8 hours before his next flight. The gate agent broke that news to me as if it was a legitimate reason why 100 of us would now be late for dinner.

Hire more captains!


...9 times they tell me that they're 'Sorry for the inconvenience.'

Stop telling me you're sorry...

...just get me home.

So, I'm not surprised that they dragged that poor bastard off by his hair.

Bet they are going to very soon be:

'Extremely sorry for the inconvenience.'

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