Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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On Sunday a story broke about a man in Cleveland, Steve Stephens, who recorded himself walking up to an elderly man, (who he didn't seem to know) and pressing a gun to his head...

...shooting the man dead...and letting the recording go for three minutes.

Stephens recorded himself murdering someone.

I suppose that it was only a matter of time.

We all have cameras and video recorders. We can now document every moment of our lives...

...so eventually someone was going to record a murder of someone who was killing just to kill.

I recall the Pennsylvania politician, Bud Dwyer, who killed himself on television.

I saw that footage once.

Over 30 years later and I still can't unsee it!

Yet I'm not surprised by the Stephens report of murder being recorded.

What would surprise you?

We now all get news releases straight to our phone:

"Active shooter reported @ (Pick the city)."

Does that news report even phase you anymore?

In San Bernadino a couple of weeks ago a man shot his estranged wife, and then himself. Prior to taking the cowards way out he also shot two 8-year-old children.

No one even blinked at that story.

Three dead...

...ah well.

What else is happening?

The Syria bombs were dropped, reportedly because our leaders saw images of children being gassed.

Just knowing that kids were being killed as they tried to flee their worn-torn nation wasn't enough...

...the bombs got dropped after the images were seen.

Maybe that will up the ante.

People filming their murders.

Just what we need.

You think we will we ever figure it out?


Me neither.

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