Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I am really irritated.

Really, really pissed off about the collective WE.

What the hell is wrong with us????

49 people suffer a violent death...

...and how do WE respond?

By attacking each other on social media.

I've been reading all the whining, arguing, stupid shit that we bring to light after every one of these horrific "tragedies".'s some news for you!!


Typing out:

"Spoons don't make you fat, you libtard," doesn't help!


"The 2nd amendment was for muskets!!"

Doesn't further the argument.

There shouldn't be an argument!!!

There should be people, working in concert, trying to figure out how to figure it out!

I saw one guy's post that said:

"A Muslim walks into a gay bar and says 'Shots for Everyone!'"

Then this guy writes:

"Too soon? LOL!"

What the hell is wrong with people???

People lost their lives. The ones who were there that night will never truly recover. They were partying one minute, then crawling through blood the next."

Before the place was even cleaned out one idiot after another took to their keyboards and assigned blame, and called names, and argued...

...spewing hatred in every single direction.

It was a massacre!!!

Young men and women took gunshots to every part of their body!

Imagine the pain.

Just imagine it...

...before you start arguing for or against the weapon he used. Or before you take to your bully pulpit to bash the political candidate you hate!

I'm done with it.

No more!

I'm not arguing one way or another because nothing is going to change.

Stop kidding yourself.

It won't.

Because we can't stop acting like brilliant, horrendous, assholes for long enough to let the people who died on the floor of that club get into the ground.

Spew the garbage if you want.

It's all out of fear.

We're afraid that America is the mess that it is.

And if you think it's that way because we stopped spanking our kids, or because we let gays live their lives, or because of corporate greed, or lazy welfare recipients, or because there are too many guns, or not enough guns, because of the black guy, or Dick Cheney or....

...what-f$&&ing ever!!!

When you type your next sentence...

...consider the people who die on our streets every night...

...and then think if you can help.

(Here's a hint: yelling who you hate won't help).


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