Tuesday, June 28, 2016

North Collins Versus The Buffalo Bills

First off, I know the photo is sideways.

Cause that's how the game went.

North Collins High School brought in the players from the Buffalo Bills.

I'm not sure who arranged the exhibition game, but I was honored to be asked to play...

...and we thought we could win!

We had Chris Heinold and Big Wif!

We could handle their size!!

We also had a whole bunch of guys who were still playing rec-league ball on a regular basis.

We were all less than 30 years old and we were deep!

My buddy Chris sent me the photo yesterday and my mind immediately clicked to the first play of the game.

Chris would most certainly win the tip and we would be ready.

We sent my brother Jeff down the wing and his job was go nail the 3 and get the pro-Bills crowd on our side.

I drew up the play and it worked perfectly.

Chris tapped it to Joe who made a great pass to Jeff as he headed for the spot in the corner.

A perfect air ball!

Chris and I were laughing so hard that we had no chance on getting back on D and Jeff offered us both a double finger salute... which made us laugh even harder.

The game got out of hand quickly.

Chris Walsh, the former kick returner, was hitting shots from half court. I was trying to guard Pete Metzelaars and that was a little like guarding a wall.

Midway through the game I went up for a rebound against a huge man who played offensive line on the Super Bowl teams...

...he ended up on top of me...

...and the game announcer, PJ Griffin yelled, "Hey, get off Fuzzy!"

All in all it was great fun.

Yet the photo brought so much back.

We were so young!

We had hair!!

I remember talking to Chris Walsh late in the game.

"I thought we'd give you a better game," I said.

"We're professional athletes," he reminded me.

"I bet we can out drink you guys," I said.

Walsh laughed.

"No doubt in my mind," he said. "You guys are beautiful."

We certainly would've downed more beers than them.

So, honestly, I believe we actually won!

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