Sunday, June 12, 2016

Long Live The Queen!

My boys don't much care for mornings on the weekends.

On Friday night we were watching Floppy the Crybaby throw a big fit as he lost and I said:

"How are you guys going to get up in the morning for the Breast Cancer Race?"

"It's for Aunt Cor," Sam said. "We'll be ready to roll."

And on Saturday morning I was still a bit concerned, but I heard the shower going...

...Sam was up.

"What about Jake?" I called out.

"Right here," he said.


They love their Aunt and feeling good about helping out.

The entire race sort of got on us quickly this year, but they were ready to go.

Jake finished the run in just about 28 minutes.

I, of course, spent that time with my legs between two chairs as I tried to chase some of the numbness from the work week, but I was proud of my boys.

"Where's Sam?" I asked a sweating, panting Jake.

"He says he's going to finish dead last this year."

Sam strolled in about an hour later... sweat.

Holding candy and a Mountain Dew.

"How was it?"

"Rough," Sam said.

And the hits just keep coming for The Queen of the Queen Team.

The team garnered the top prize for donations and I haven't even included mine yet!

It's coming Queen!

So proud of your efforts!!

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