Friday, June 24, 2016


I see that the House Democrats are having a sit-in to protest the inaction on gun control.

Not willing to get into that whole debate, but it seems to me that the sit-in isn't all that much different than the sit-ins that have been going on in congress, by House and Senate GOP since about shortly after the 2008 elections.

There are just some signs for this one.

There have been a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of sitting on their asses for a long time now.

The Supreme Court judge died.

"We ain't doing nothing!"

They announced that!

Perhaps we can take another 'Vote out Obamacare vote.'

And's our fault...we let them all get away with all of it!

I'm here to talk about getting paid for a job where you basically are paid to sit there.

I remember a buddy who took a job testing mattresses back in the day.

Evidently they tested his brain as he relaxed.

He got fired.

He kept showing up in stages of intoxication and they couldn't get much of anything from his brain waves.

(I often wonder where Fig is now.)

I also had a buddy who sat in a lighthouse all summer at night. He loved it. He read and probably slept and most likely ate like a guy going to the chair.

(I know where J.C. Is now - it worked out okay).

But the king of all the sloths was an equipment operator I knew in Baltimore.

This guy got his job because the union put him on after a hearing. He never once did an ounce of work!

Every morning I would ask him if he would run a piece of equipment.

He'd say 'not comfortable' with that.

Then he would read the newspaper.

And take his 15-minute break.

Then do word jumble puzzles.

Eat a big lunch.

Take a little nap to his afternoon break.

Stroll outside the trailer - usually with his hard hat off - then head home for the day.

He did that for two months!

On his last day I handed him his severance check and told him he was a piece of poop.

He laughed.

"That's the way the world works, kid!"

Unfortunately it appears that he was right.


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