Friday, June 3, 2016


Took me a little while to process the death of the silverback gorilla Harambe at the Zoo.

(And to those who cry that there's not enough time to worry about a 'stupid gorilla' when we have ISIS to worry about...get over it...some people can consider two stories at once).

Listen, it's a sad story.

I work in a field where tragic things happen even though there are a million safeguards.

The zoo enclosure was up to code.

I'm not a huge fan of humans enclosing animals that belong in the wild, but there is a zoo in every city. How are we going to stop that?

Should the parents have been watching the kid better?

Well, of course, but Seattle should've run the ball in from the one as well...

...Monday morning quarterbacking is easy.

Perhaps they were good parents who had a moment of weakness. Should their lives be ruined over it?

Could they have shot a tranquilizer dart instead?

Listen to those who work with the animals...

...the dart may have agitated Harambe...

...causing him to kill the child.

How about slices of pineapple?

Could they have lured Harambe away?

Again, there was a huge risk.

What if it hadn't worked and we were now looking at live video of the kid being torn limb from limb?

(And there would have been plenty of video and everyone would've watched it and broken it down for entertainment purposes).

Harambe...a beautiful creature...lost his life instead.

A horrible decision.

But the one that had to be made.

I'm hoping that some good comes of it.

I'm glad that the parents didn't lose their child that day over a horrible mistake.

But most of all, I feel for those who grieve the loss of the beautiful silverback.

He wasn't just a stupid monkey (as some have classified him on social media) and it is okay for people to grieve his loss... I said, it was a tragedy.

Sometimes finding someone to blame over it is the real crime.

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