Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So Now What?

Cleveland finally has a championship.

They were partying hard and there will be a huge parade.

But how does it change anyone's life?

I love sports...

...I am a lot less interested in some aspects of it because of the money involved, because those guys are treated like royalty, and because going so ape-shit over these athletes is a little crazy when you think about it.

Absolutely crazy!

Yet, it is an amusing distraction.

So what happens now?

Cleveland fans go on social media and rip everyone else.

Golden State fans will go on and bitch.

LeBron's blocked shot will go down in history...

...and then he might walk as he is a free agent.

If he does will Cleveland hate him again?

I have a bunch of cut-aways from the NBA Finals:

1). I don't really love watching professional basketball.

They travel. The officials can't possibly officiate the game without being abused. Some times they call a foul automatically when a guy heads to the basket. Other times they let you get absolutely hammered out there and there's no whistle.

A game can turn on one call. (Green shouldn't have been suspended).

And I don't think there can ever be a game (like the NFL) without the losing team's fans crying.

Baseball simply is not that dependent upon the calls that are made.

You can get used to an umpire who has a bad strike zone.

2). The announcers drive me crazy:

Especially when they start talking about how great one player is..."Brilliant" is thrown around way too much for a guy...who is putting a ball..in a basket.

Amazing, stupendous, awesome, athletic...

...all good words.

Brilliant shouldn't be applied.

My other bitch about the announcing?

One of those dudes kept saying:

"He can really score the basketball."

What the hell else could he have possibly scored?

"The basketball" doesn't need to be in that sentence.

3). How much more praise can we possibly give LeBron now?

The guy is an egomaniac already.

I listened to exactly one of his post-game interviews.

He told me about how hard he worked. How much he studied. How he left his heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears (Thank God he didn't keep talking about bodily fluids after that) on the floor.

I know.

It's a great accomplishment for him and the city.

But lets keep it in perspective, huh?

Nobody will.

Enjoy it.

A World Championship dominating the news is way better than hearing from a political candidate, or God help us, a shooting...

...Way to go Cleveland.

...Way to go Pittsburgh.

Now Let's Go Yankees!

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