Monday, June 27, 2016

Fact Checking Politicians & No Gun Action

Every so often there's a speech.

After the speech there's this thing called "fact-checking."

I always read those recaps.

Trump made a speech the other day that was 90% inaccurate.


During the recap there was a throw-away sentence that said:

"We all know that all politicians lie."

Why is that acceptable?

And 90%???

Of course, that article could've been filled with lies too. Yet what is horrible about all of it is that people listen to those lies and then pass them off as truths. I plan on fact-checking Hillary too...

...who is mostly known for being dishonest.

And you know what is even more dishonest than all of that is?

The hypocrites who tweet out their "Thoughts and Prayers" after a mass shooting.

If you're thinking and praying... something!!!

Any damn thing!!

You don't think there's a gun problem than do something else!

There's some kind of damn problem!!

There is a mass murder problem in this country!

It's not about immigrants when the shooter was born here.

It's not about Muslims only when a number of killers have been disenfranchised white kids.

But it's about some damn thing!

Stop sitting on your asses and waiting for the next one.

Think up something.

Thoughts and prayers just aren't working!

And neither is lying.

Figure the shit out.

We're all sick of it.

Gun lovers and non gun lovers alike.

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