Sunday, June 26, 2016

Congrats To Emily!

The major frustration of a really frustrating week was that I couldn't be where I needed to be on Friday afternoon and evening.

I missed my buddy Emily's graduation party!

Yet, there are some of the Cataldo's for you!

It's funny, but I distinctly recall the first time I met John. His parents were visiting my parents back about 45 years ago.

We played some sort of goofy game, running all around the big house on Shirley Road...and I told my brothers:

"He's a good guy."

During the crazy fun years immediately following college we all hung out and Mary was always my drinking partner.

We all watched one another start our families.

Just living.

Great, fun living with lifelong friends.

Cut to last July...

...I'm leaving the Stones concert when Emily shoots me a text about how great the show was.

We talked Rock and Roll.

We have talked politics.

She saw Bruce and immediately understood the passion...

...and I'm fond of telling both John and Mary that they have wonderful children.

Which really does my heart well!


...the hip shots messed me up!

But I usually miss the parties anyway!

Years ago a group of my friends threw a surprise party in my honor when I returned from California...

...I didn't go!

But this was different.

I really wanted to be there because I am absolutely convinced of the future star that will shine over Emily's head for years and years and years.

Congrats, kid.

I'm so proud that my great friends provided more great friends for and your sis are the best...

...and Yankees fans to boot!

Go and get 'em!

The sky is the limit!

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