Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Jake!

My boy is 19 today.

It is so hard to believe.

But I was in the chair at the breast cancer race and he came running in...

...sweating profusely.

"Twenty-eight minutes," He said. "I saw the huge clock in front of me and I challenged myself to make it before 10:30."

Jake wins a lot of challenges.

And I am as proud of him as I can be.

He's funny.

He's smart.

He can play all the sports.

He's passionate and I know how much he loves his mother, his brothers, his dogs and the fact that his life is right there for the taking.

But most of all, I am thrilled to death that I enjoy the company of all my boys.

You know, it's kind of funny, but when they were young I would always say:

"The mule stops doing all the work when you all hit 18. You're on your own!"

(I never actually meant it, but it sounds good).

But now that my boys are all getting there...growing into adulthood...

...I'm struck by the fear that they won't be near us every single day.

They can stay until they're 50 if they want!

Why go anywhere?

I'll keep buying the pop and the chicken fingers...stick around!

For their birthdays this year I broke down and bought Jake and Sam season tickets to the Bills games.

We made a pact of sorts:

"If the Bills make the playoffs you have to spring for the playoff tickets," Sam said.

"And if they don't, you can't sit here next year and tell me how good they are and I don't have to buy seasons next year."

"Deal," they both agreed.

But I have a feeling...

...that next year at this time we'll be debating how good the Bills are going to be.

And we'll be watching games together...

...and getting on each other's nerves...

...and laughing.

We laugh a lot!

Have a great day, J-Cup.

We are proud of you and we love you!

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