Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!!

I think of all the lessons learned, courtesy of my Dad...

...who was an exceptional guy.

1). Work hard. No one owes you a thing. I often think of this as I continue to get up and go into work. Dad was a huge fan of showing up. And shutting up. And listening.

I earn my living in the construction business even though I can't put a cardboard box together. I went into that business primarily because that's where Dad was...and to work with him...was special. I watched how he ran a meeting with humor and sincerity. I still work that way...and when I use one of his lines...I smile.

2). Show your kids how to respect a woman.

Mom and Dad had some epic moments, and last week Mom and me talked about 'how they never, ever fought.'

Mom laughed.

They battled to be sure...but we always knew that they were in it together. Dad guided us in that regard as well.

'Make sure you tell your mother 'Thank you,' he would say.

3). Be careful when dealing with others.

Dad actually told me that 95% of the people you meet are cheating ass&@$es who will screw you at every turn...but I got his point.

Some days his estimate appears high. Other times it appears low. But it taught me to be cautious. Dad gave everyone a chance though and although crazy things came out of the mouths of that generation, he was never prejudiced in his actions.

Everyone had the same chance with him. He worked for a Japanese businessman in California. He employed men and women of all races. We even watched the gay parade from the hotel in San Francisco...

It was foreign to his way of thinking...but he treated all fairly.


Those are just 3 of the thousand of lessons Dad provided.

Me with my boys?

The same lessons!

I am proud of my boys.

It's an honor to be their Dad.

I will celebrate all of those things today.

I prepared myself to golf today with three other great Dads.

I feel a little like the tin man most days...

...and being a Dad is hard work...

...but just as my Dad always felt:

It's worth every bump, bruise, moan, groan and nearly every dollar I've ever earned.

I'm a Dad!

And that's really cool!

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