Friday, June 10, 2016

Bristol Palin Got Married

Don't you love when love works out?

Actually, "The future is as bright as Alaska's midnight sun."

That's what the brilliant Mom said about the nuptials for those two crazy kids.

And when Sarah Palin speaks, we all listen, right?

Let's recap.

Bristol and Dakota Meyer have certainly had their ups and downs.

This, despite, the family values example of her mother (who may or may not have slept with an NBA Star while still married to her snowmobiling husband, who last we heard was still recuperating from his horrific snowmobile accident).

I'm not making any of this crap up!

Bristol did a tour where she spoke of family values and spoke of how important family is and how everything needs to be stable for a child. Along with Mom they lectured the American public on getting back to the days when family was the focal point of all that was right in America.

Then she got pregnant.

Then Bristol and Dakota had a child.

Then they set a wedding date.

The wedding (last year) was canceled a week before it was supposed to happen.

Then the big fight started.

Meyer filed a lawsuit seeking joint custody of his kid.

(He wasn't interested in the first child that Bristol had out of wedlock with her former beau Levi Johnston).

(Don't you miss poor Levi?)


Love has found its way!

Just when the lawsuit was ready to go off...

...the two crazy kids headed off and got married!

Isn't that beautiful? the midnight sun in Alaska.

Good luck to those crazy kids and their lucky children...

...I'm sure they'll be just fine.

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