Monday, June 20, 2016

I Eat Crow

I was wrong!!!


I said it.

Cleveland has their championship.

Congrats to their fans.

LeBron James is one of the greatest players ever.

But I'm not wrong...

...without a battle.

I still have to shoot off my BIG mouth, right?

Well, Al DeCarlo, my nephew, Johnny and my college buddy, Tony Mullins...

...take heed in knowing that:

You were right.

Big mouth was wrong!!!

But do I now like Floppy the Crybaby???

Not by a long shot!

I do like LeBron though.

And there's a difference.

When he plays the game without whining and flopping all over the floor like a fish that you just pulled into the boat, he's special.

I'll save you the description of him when he doesn't.

And on Monday morning I woke to a text from my son, Jake, about "The Best Press Conference Ever!"

I watched J.R. Smith...a guy I had wrongly dismissed as a 'bad guy' (not without reason) as he thanked his Mom and Dad, tearfully.

Best press conference ever

And it made me proud that my son recognized a great move like that.

Congrats, J.R.

And Al, Johnny, Tony and Cleveland.

Congrats LeBron...

...if Floppy shows up...

...punch him in the face!

I was wrong!!!!

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