Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What's Going On?

Dwayne Wade continued to shoot baskets as the Canadian National Anthem was being played.

What was he thinking?

Imagine if a Canadian player did that while the American anthem was being played.

Americans would be screaming for him to be tossed from the league.

The Bills are thinking of bringing Ray Lewis in as a coach.

He can stare longingly at Orenthal's name on the Ring of Honor.

He should fit right in, right?

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon are giving up on marriage after 33 years?

I can't believe that Ozzy was cheating.

He appears barely conscious to me.

Had some good tunes though.

Good luck, kids.

Paul Ryan is fighting with Trump

Will there be a unified front presented?

Or will The Donald just tell them all to go to hell?

Should be fun as hell either way.

David Ortiz hit 3 more homers against the Yankees this weekend.

Now I'm not for braining people, but why don't they throw inside on him?

He hangs over the plate like he's eating dinner.

Make him move his feet!

It was 28 degrees on Monday morning.

That's enough.

Where is the heat?

I wanna' golf!

Where's Renaldo????

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