Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Baseball Bad Behavior

I attack the NFL and their bad apples...

...and will continue to do so, but I have to bend a little here and throw some crap where it belongs... a few players in the greatest game ever invented.

My boys are still raging at me about Aroldis Chapman, the new reliever for the Yankees.

He hasn't pitched yet because he's serving 30 games (or the equivalent of letting air out of the football) for shooting his gun empty following a fight with his girlfriend. There was also talk that he put his hands on her too, but Chapman has fervently denied it.

Another guy who is denying hitting his girl is former All-Star Jose Reyes. He has been suspended indefinitely...and may get the whole year off.

Last year's leading hitter in the National League is sitting for 80 games for steroid use. Chris Colabello (who just got cut from my fantasy team) also got an 80-game ban.

And now...

...Carlos Martinez, a pitcher for the St.Louis Cardinals is being sued for...

...get this...

Knowingly spreading STD's (allegedly).

Whatever happened to rooting for players and not knowing what idiots they are?

As a kid we pick sports stars as heroes.

As adults we understand how crazy those choices appear to be.

Now, this is a post about bad behavior in baseball, but the NFL Draft was just held.

Fans held their breath as the players were picked:

Then we all checked out the arrest records of the new guys coming to town.

After Gordon received his 80-game suspension he told us all that he:

"Didn't knowingly do anything."

He received a $50 million contract based in last year's performance.

Getting busted will cost him a couple of mil.

He gets to keep the rest.

He doesn't have to do even one more cycle of the drugs that got him generational money.


...he didn't knowingly do it!

My opinion has changed as I've worked day after day after day for the last 30 years.

Would I knowingly break the rules for $50 million if it was only hurting myself in an obscure, years down the road manner?

Sign me up!

I can fake apologize too.

Come on, baseball!

Behave better!

This isn't the NFL!

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