Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Let's talk about the devil in our midst:

The NFL!

1). Tom Brady is taking them back to court to eliminate the 4-game suspension for allegedly taking air out of the ball that led to a 45-10 win.

This has obviously been the most ridiculous suspension in the history of any sport anywhere, ever. But there's no compromise on the horizon because the idiotic leadership of the Devil League decided to drag their best player through the mud...because.

People speculate as to why, but Brady is sticking to his guns because he said he didn't do it.

Who's on the edge of their seat for the outcome?

2). Erik Kramer is out talking about shooting himself in the face after writing suicide notes to his family because he suffered from horrible depression after his NFL career ended.

He's not sure if it's because he was knocked senseless for years, but he's glad he isn't dead.

Once he does die...they'll test his brain and find it damaged.

Which brings us to #3.

3). The Devil League decided to join in the fight against concussion-damages that were displayed by the former players that they didn't want to carry on their medical.

So...they made a huge pledge to a research grant that would study brain injuries.

They made a press conference to tell us how serious they were.

Then without any attention whatsoever they backed out of the financial commitment because they didn't like the researcher assigned to the study.

The Devil League was told that if they backed out the study would still go on, but the taxpayers would be forced to fit the bill.

So they did the right thing, right?


They backed out.

Then they denounced the study.

Brain damage isn't caused by repeated blows to the head!!

Why is everyone picking on the great game???

Leave us alone!!

I hate football.

I hate the lying scumbags who run the Devil League!

Now who wants to bet that Brady beats Goodell?


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