Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Everybody is Sorry!

I recall flying to Tampa, Florida back in 1974.

We were served a real meal on the flight. Everyone was smoking cigarettes in a confined space. We had all sorts of room to move and the flight attendants were cool.

A couple of weeks ago I got left in a city on a Friday night, without a bag, and I was being served by a whole bunch of people who could barely pretend that they were mindful of my inconvenience.

They pretended to be sorry.

Through the years my favorite meal go eat in a restaurant has always been breakfast. Eggs over easy, hash browns, coffee and a water...


Who can screw that up?

A week ago Sunday six of us went to our favorite breakfast place. The waitress seemed absolutely disinterested and after we ordered we couldn't find her for more than a half an hour.

It took us over an hour to eat.

They said they were sorry.


This week, with limited time home, I decided to invite my beautiful wife to breakfast.

"What can I get you to drink?" Our waitress asked at 11:15 a.m.

"A water," Kathy said.

The waitress walked away and then, apparently realizing there were two people at the table, looked at me over her shoulder. I actually yelled, "coffee and a water" at her.

She came back ten minutes later with one water and two coffees.

"Did I get it wrong?" She asked.

We explained.

"Sorry," she said.

Five minutes later, 15 minutes in, she took our order.

15 minutes later she topped off my empty coffee.

10 minutes after that she said:

"You're next."

5 minutes later she actually stopped at our table to explain how busy she is.

"I don't care," I said.

5 minutes later another waitress stopped over and asked what we had ordered.

She was sorry too.

"I'll go back and check on it."

10 minutes later we walked out.

We didn't see either waitress and no one tried to stop us.

The moral of the story?

Service sucks.

Everyone is sorry.

And it's starting to piss me off.

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