Friday, May 13, 2016

Buying Zimmy's Gun

How much more despicable can George Zimmerman be?

He stood his ground and killed a man.

Trayvon Martin was a man who had people who loved him. He died after meeting Zimmerman and (depending upon how you look at it) stood up to Zimmerman who was playing cop.

A fight ensued.

Zimmerman had a gun and he used it to either defend his life or simply to end Trayvon's life.

The story was a real black eye on our society and no matter which side you fell on:

Zimmerman was in the right!

Or Zimmy was a straight up murderer.

There is one fundamental truth:

Trayvon was shot by George Zimmerman's gun.

Now Zimmerman is auctioning off the gun with an opening bid of 5 grand...

...he's doing it so he can cause the demise of Hillary.

God help you if you can defend that action in any way, shape or form.

And who the hell wants that gun?

It's not like buying Jeter's spikes from the '96 series.

It's a collectible because it ended man's life?

Or is it because it made Zimmy a star?

When I heard the news about the auction my stomach did a little flip.

It's disgusting, disturbing, horrific, tragic and more than a little troublesome.

From the moment I first heard this guy's name I have been disgusted by his actions.

He spent some time in jail.

He stood accused of hammering his girl.

Please God...

...don't allow a single bid on that piece of equipment that was used to kill a man.

It's just not right!

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